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What is Aspect Executive?

If you are a business owner, you already know that getting the right people into the right positions at the right time can be a real challenge! You’ve probably also discovered that getting it wrong can be costly and time-consuming.

Aspect Executive works with small to medium-sized New Zealand business owners to map out a growth strategy before they undertake recruitment. We provide high-level advice on how to structure the team that will deliver on your long-term business goals.

We are your pre-recruitment service.

Aspect Executive Services

Business Analysis

Aspect Executive undertakes an analysis of the current team, providing a full report which highlights skill gaps, strengths, and development areas as measured against your business goals. This report is provided alongside specific advice / guidance, and consultation around managing change within your unique team.

Strategic Recruitment Planning

Once we understand the starting point, it’s time to map out a strategic recruitment plan. We work with you to define and detail each current and potential role against the ‘big picture’ prior to going to market, ensuring that you attract the individuals and skills required to achieve your business goals. Together, we develop a 1-5 year recruitment plan which includes position descriptions, recruitment budget projections, timelines, and mapped milestones.

Don’t run before you walk

Growing a business can seem overwhelming at times, especially when there are so many things competing for your attention. It is important that you don’t run before you walk by rushing the hiring process or hastily engaging an agency to ‘make the problem go away.’ Once you’ve gone down that road, it can be tricky to back-step. It’s vital that you understand how each position will move your business forward. Aspect Executive exists to guide you through the journey each step of the way.

The Aspect Executive Process

Step 1 involves undertaking an initial meeting to get a broad outline of what your business is and what you want to achieve. This allows the Aspect Executive team to assess how we can help you to achieve your goals.

Step 2 is an on-site and in-depth assessment of your business. This is an information-gathering meeting, almost like an interview, that is designed to uncover the weaknesses in your business. It’s fully confidential and a non-disclosure agreement is recommended for peace of mind.

Step 3 – the Recruitment Strategy Proposal

Based on the findings of step 2, this proposal will map out the recommended positions (including detailed job descriptions) along with a suggested timeline for recruitment.

In Step 4, Aspect Executive works alongside your businesses recruitment team or provider throughout the recruitment process. Alternatively, this process can be managed in its entirety through Aspect Technical Recruitment.

Aspect Executive Clients

Aspect Executive Clients are typically small / medium-sized New Zealand businesses, often in the manufacturing sector. New Zealand is a land of innovation and hard work, and our FMCG and manufacturing industries have been right at the forefront of our success. With sweat, tears and a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude, Kiwi’s have launched themselves into the world business and are experiencing rapid growth – and that’s why Aspect Executive is here to help.

Why Trust Aspect Executive?

Within his 14 years of experience recruiting technical roles within the manufacturing sector, David has personally recruited most every imaginable position from forklift driver through to strategic management teams. As a result, he gained unique insight into how each function within a factory depends upon the other, and he also acquired an understanding of each position’s technical requirements.

Starting his own niche recruitment business, Aspect Technical Recruitment, in 2005, David learned first-hand the unique challenges of a business-owner navigating the ups and downs of managing staff and customers through a variety of unpredictable situations. In addition to his hands-on experience, David is currently undertaking an MBA with a specialisation in Human Resources Management at AUT.

“As a small business owner, I have often had to wear every hat when going through a period of change, growth, or crisis. In my 14 years of recruitment experience, I have seen the same staff issues pop up across a variety of manufacturing sites and I can spot them in advance. I know that I always perform better when I have a trusted sounding board and a pair of fresh eyes on a situation, and I enjoy providing that same support to others.” – David West

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